The Trinity Alps – A Vacation From Vacation

Walking 15 miles a day almost everyday is the kind of vacation you might find yourself taking a vacation from. 400 miles into the Pacific Crest Trail I have met up with my partner and personal shofar to take a short break. Over the next two weeks we will go on a series of easy […]

Bridge of The Gods – Week 5 Pacific Crest Trail

Tempting myself to look down I shudder at the hundred foot drop below me, this was my experience crossing the ‘Bridge of The Gods.’ This monumental bridge is where Washington meets Oregon, along the Pacific Crest Trail. Crossing the gargantuan Columbia River Gorge into Oregon marks the beginning of my time hiking through Oregon.  Shortly […]

Indian Heaven Wilderness – Week 4 Pacific Crest Trail

In all her glory, snowy mountains touching the sky and lakes blue enough to think this a dream my time in Washington has come to an end in the town of Cascade Locks. Starting at Stevens Pass almost a month ago I have walked just over 300 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. This first […]