From Copper Mountain Back to California

[July 4 – 13, CT Sections 9-3 Copper Mountain] After a night of distant rumbling died down we scuttled down Copper Mountain to the resort below. 100 feet off trail an unassuming hiker can stumble into a mini-golf course, Starbucks, and even a roller coaster. As we walked through the desolate winter town that morning […]

Flowers On The Hillside (Kokomo Pass)

[June 27- July 3, CT Sections 10-12 (Kokomo Pass)] After our first full week on trail we returned to Twin Lakes, this time headed north. A painfully long two-hour hitch out of Buena Vista ended when we were picked up by some fellow hikers. The relief of getting the ride almost outweighed the sweaty two […]

What Heights? (White River White River National Forest)

[June 16-21, Colorado Trail Segment 6,White River National Forest] Navigating Frisco was simple. Having been here once before I knew exactly where to go; Safeway then the library. After a lengthy resupply, the majority of which was spent at the aforementioned library, we made our way back to the trail. Instead of the Colorado Trail, […]

She’ll Be Coming Around the La Garita Wilderness When She Comes

[June 5-9 CT Segment 22, La Garita Wilderness] We woke up to the smell of burning wood. Over the past several years forests in Colorado have been ravished by the mountain pine beetle leaving a once lush region dry and susceptible to fires. As a fellow hiker. trail name Bear Sweats, put it, “The trees […]

Pacific Crest Trail Ukulele

Backpacking provides the opportunity to get lost in nature and find yourself. Music creates the presence to feel emotions deeply. It is not often they come together, enhancing each other. On my hike of the Pacific Crest Trail they did, thanks to my travel companion, a small plastic Outdoor Ukulele. Whatever emotions I felt, I […]

Life on Trail – A Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

“One granite ridge A tree, would be enough Or even a rock, a small creek, A bark shred in a pool.” -Gary Snyder, Piute Creek The words of this poem inspired me to look closer at my surrounding. Whether your hike is 1465 miles or 2 miles it can be hard to tune into the […]

Idyllwild to Warner Springs – Week 16 Pacific Crest Trail

Most hikers, upon arriving in town, look for a good restaurant, a laundromat, a nice inn, I usually head for the local library. The Idyllwild library has been the best I have encountered along the trail so far. It is in these libraries I feel most at home, especially after spending an enitre week in […]