Backpacking Butano State Park

I woke up in a forest embedded in the University California Santa Cruz campus. By the time the sun set last night we opted for stealth camping in the wooded campus instead of seeking out a far-off campsite. We parked at the northern parameter parking lot and after some wandering around in the dark, navigating […]

Finding Quiet In the Marin Headlands (Backpacking NorCal)

“Flood warning, Sausalito” my phone warns me. I just finished hiking a thousand miles on the interstate path known as the Pacific Crest Trail. A rainy weekend won’t stop me. I leave the parking lot and am once again on trail. The light drizzle confirms what I already know. I made the right choice. This […]

The Trinity Alps – A Vacation From Vacation

Walking 15 miles a day almost everyday is the kind of vacation you might find yourself taking a vacation from. 400 miles into the Pacific Crest Trail I have met up with my partner and personal shofar to take a short break. Over the next two weeks we will go on a series of easy […]

Mill Creek Wilderness Loop – Ochoco National Forest

Vast stretches of desolate ranges recovering from a wildfire and views of the snow capped peaks in the nearby Sisters National Forest make the winding trails of the Mill Creek Wilderness unforgettable. Day One in the Mill Creek Wilderness: Upon arrival we slept at the Wildcat Campgrounds conveniently located at the trailhead of this 26 […]

Revisiting the Lost Coast Trail – King Range National Conservation Area

Deemed too rugged for safe use, what was once designated to be part of a 70 mile stretch along Highway 1 (a scenic highway that traverses the West Coast) was left for backpackers and other nature lovers. This stretch of land, lying 230 miles north of San Francisco, was divided into two, the northern King […]

Wanderers Home Trail – Mendocino National Forest

Visualize never ending groves of redwood trees and an unkempt segment of what would otherwise be developed farm land and suburbs. The vast and untouched Mendocino National Forest is reminiscent of what California may have looked like 300 years ago. Beginning our month long road trip towards Oregon, we spent 4 days venturing the aptly […]

Henry Coe Backpacking – Wild Los Cruzeros

A mere two hours from the Bay Area, Henry Coe State Park is easily one of the most magical places I have ever backpacked. Being the largest State Park in Northern California its vast wilderness had no problems keeping us busy for a sunny, rainy, and overall unique five day Henry Coe backpacking trip. Arriving […]

Winter at Dewey Point- Snowshoeing in Yosemite

Badger Pass My first time in Yosemite, a summer, changed my life. Yosemite in the winter changed it all over again. Entering the park through Tunnel View we saw Half Dome aside Sentinel Dome and the entire valley below, it was enough inspiration for a lifetime. As we rose in elevation what we saw changed drastically. […]

The Stubbe Springs Loop – Joshua Tree

Stubbe Springs Loop Trip Description Finding the right backpacking trip in Joshua Tree National Park can be tricky. If you are committed to not carrying day’s worth of water with you and want to avoid large crowds you have limited options. We chose the Stubbe Springs Loop, located in the Upper Mojave Desert region of […]