Most hikers, upon arriving in town, look for a good restaurant, a laundromat, a nice inn, I usually head for the local library. The Idyllwild library has been the best I have encountered along the trail so far.

It is in these libraries I feel most at home, especially after spending an enitre week in the solitude of the mountains. Tearing myself away from the comfertable Idyllwild library I began hitchhiking back to the mountains.

Back to trailA portion of the trail, south of Devil’s Slide, near Idyllwild, was closed due to fire damage. This meant I had to skip about twelve miles, thankfully catching a ride wasn’t very difficult. After passing a patch of grazing cows and working my way up a ridge I was back on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Burn Area PCTUnder the shadows of a cloudy day I had a long overdue reunion with another south bounder I bonded with over 1000 miles ago. After a visit to the Paradise Valley Cafe, every bit as paradisiacal as promised, we made our way to the house of an amazing trail angele. That night we jammed, two fiddles and a ukulele, I feel asleep in a state of bliss.

In that bliss I wondered, ‘Do days get any better than this?’ The next day left me sure they don’t.  That morning we shared a warm breakfast, my second on this trip (I have no stove), got a tour of the angeles thriving organic farm, and then got a ride back to the trail. After hiking several miles we sat down, ate organic apples picked hours ago, and merrily commenced our last jam together before we parted ways:

Towards the end of my hike that day I approached a water cache named, “Walden.” Trail angel Mary set up a lending library, replete with cutouts of Thoreau and Whitman, for whom this oasis was dedicated. For an avid reader and hiker who is constantly seeking out libraries, this was a special stop.

Mile 145 Library PCTOne of my favorite features was the log book. Instead of the ordinary prompt requesting your name and a short message, this book asked you to list the most impactful book you have read. I sat there for half an hour reading through the entries which recommend everything from the Bible to Harry Potter.

I spent the rest fo the day painting, reading, and playing ukulele at my new favorite water cache, the mile 145 library.

Watercolors on the Pacific Crest TrailThe rest of the week passed in a blur as I finally found myself walking into my last resupply town on trail, Warner Springs.

Sending my civil disobedienced love,


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  1. Ahh! Finally, I can relate. Libraries, one of my favorite places. Freezing mountain climbs, NO! ice cold lakes, NO! Hot dirty days with no shower, NO! But a library, that is joy. Love to you, Slug
    I’m following you home, but not too close.

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