Idyllwild to Warner Springs – Week 16 Pacific Crest Trail

Most hikers, upon arriving in town, look for a good restaurant, a laundromat, a nice inn, I usually head for the local library. The Idyllwild library has been the best I have encountered along the trail so far. It is in these libraries I feel most at home, especially after spending an enitre week in […]

Big Bear to Idyllwild – Week 15 Pacific Crest Trail

Yet again I find myself in a warm bed, indoors. If I am not careful this might turn into a habit. This week started in the lakeside town of Big Bear. I followed my usual intown program; grocery store, to swim hole, to library. When I left the company of my paper friends, too heavy […]

Wrightwood to Big Bear Week 14 Pacific Crest Trail

This week I walked through the backyards to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Angeles and San Bernardino National Forest. I was pleasantly surprised by tremendous views, only slightly tinted with the flashing lights of suburban grids that lay below. I started my week camping with an old friend near Wrightwood. […]