Warner Springs to Campo – Week 17 Pacific Crest Trail

My final week on the Pacific Crest Trail, south bound, started in the quaint town of Warner Springs. I picked up my package from the post office, for the last time. I found an awkward place to charge my phone, for the last time. Eventually I got myself back on trail, for the last time. […]

Walker Pass to Hiker Town – Week 11 Pacific Crest Trail

It was supposed to be dry, bleak, and lifeless. In stark contrast with my preconceived notion of what a desert ought to be I have encountered water, color, and life. After the soaring peaks of the Pacific Northwest and the glacier cut granite of the Sierras the more subtle and ancient beauty of the desert […]

Kennedy Meadows to Walker Pass – Week 10 Pacific Crest Trail

Community can determine whether a thru hike is successful or not. While each hiker has their own reason for being on the trail we unite as a family, creating a unique culture. In a community like this, premised on taking on the grueling task of living on the trail for months on end, inspiration and […]