It was supposed to be dry, bleak, and lifeless. In stark contrast with my preconceived notion of what a desert ought to be I have encountered water, color, and life.

After the soaring peaks of the Pacific Northwest and the glacier cut granite of the Sierras the more subtle and ancient beauty of the desert has drawn me in.

Hiker Town boundDays in the desert blur together. It is difficult to order them in my memory, let alone make them appear chronological in my writing. The past 168 hours this post is about has become a series of observations in my mind and less of a ‘week’.

Granite Gear Grounds KeepersColors thrive here. The flowers and sunsets are striking but even many of the shrubs have their own scintillating hues. While the sands caramel color dominates, the bright yellow flowers and red buckwheat infuse variety into what could otherwise be dreary and repetitive scenery.

Flowers on the Pacific Crest Trail

For better or worse another dominating feature of the scenery where the wind turbines. 300 feet tall these gargantuan giants power over 60,000+ homes in local suburban areas. At times the area seems lifeless but it is buzzing with tons of wattage.

Wind Energy on the PCT

At mile 549 I spent the evening at a bar and grill. More accurately a homely water cache. Local trail angels have set up an umbrella, chairs, and of course loads of water. The food may have been imaginary but the water tasted as good as any brew.

Mile 549 Bar and GrillWater the next day was abundant, I just couldn’t see any of it. For 15 miles I walked above the Los Angeles aqueduct. As I neared Highway 158 I was jolted by the sight of the endless aqueduct above ground. The urge I had to fight to not jump in was strong. Hearing all the creepy stories of found floating bodies made me glad, perhaps for the first time ever, that I didn’t go for a dip, rather saving the shower for Hiker Town.

Aquaduct PCT

Sending my, dust-covered, love from the trail, Slug

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  1. Hi Yehudah,
    Your insights and colorful descriptions paint a picture of Hashem’s world that I never imagined & certainly never visited.
    Of course, I’m getting to know you better
    also. That’s a bonus.
    Thank you for the hand-made postcard. I will add it to my collection of all your pictures that I saved through the years.
    Stay safe and happy, love, bubby

  2. Hi
    So happy to hear the desert is being so magical for you. Sounds like you’re making good time and speeding along. Let me know when you’re getting close to Agua Dulce….we should get together.
    Tiki Mon

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