I am a slug paced nomad. I have a tendency to move a lot, here, there, anywhere. In everyday life my goal is maximum efficiently.

In nature, my goal is simply being, rather than going and doing. The wild places I visit bring me back to a state of presence, infusing my life with appreciation and adventure.

The Face of Slug Pace

I grew up in the Bay Area, surrounded by mountains, valleys, and the ocean. I fell in love with nature when I was 15. It is a love affair that has taken me along the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Colorado Trail, Israel Trail, as well as hundreds of national parks and other wild places. I remain madly in love, finding her amongst soaring trees, trickling springs, and salty tides.

Writing about my journey helps me remember them and bring that beauty into my life.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find inspiration to move towards a less sterilized way of life,

Yehudah “Slug” Rice

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines 🇵🇭

The 12 hour bus ride, heading north on the island of Luzon (the most popular island in the Philippines) was bearable. But arriving in Banaue is a giant breath of fresh air. I quickly forget the stifling atmosphere of Makati, a suburb of Manila, as the pristine green landscape unfolds before me. After paying the…

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Annapurna Circuit (Part 3), Nepal 🇳🇵

I start my days hike by going through the backyards of a dozen locals before hitting a junction at a Tibetan Refugee camp lined with barbed wire fences. It feels like refuge is a euphemism.I got a restful evening in the quiet town of Marpha last night. I am not sure what my days destination…

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Annapurna Circuit (Part 2), Nepal 🇳🇵

Barefoot stragglers limping up cobble stone alleys, small movie theathers showing replays of Everest, 13 years in Tibet, and my personal favorite, Into The Wild, all accompanied by the smell of freshly baked goods from bakeries on every street corner. I am not describing downtown  Portland, Oregon, rather Manang; a mountain town at 4,000 meters…

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